Geoff Gwatkin Maps

Available are research maps, or individually commissioned decorative maps, for Herefordshire and Gloucestershire based mainly on the Tithe Surveys of the 1840’s, but supplemented by enclosure or estate maps where there were no tithe surveys (especially in Gloucestershire). There are some outliers such as Tenbury Wells but most are in Wales for which see the Herefordshire list.

There is a series for each county of A1 black and white research maps (£8 each) with field names, land uses, description of buildings on the maps and a list of landowners added. They can cover one large parish or a number of smaller parishes. They were painstakingly redrawn at a common scale of 6 ins to 1 mile to be of use to historians, archaeologists, genealogists and anyone interested in the history of the landscape around their properties. Among those recently added are Hay and Cusop (H-103), Monmouth (M-7) and Chepstow, Mathern, St.Pierre & Mounton (M-8).

The research has also made possible the production of hand drawn and coloured decorative maps individually commissioned for a farm or parish or to be centred on a particular property, usually A3 size at 8 ins to 1 mile (£45 each), but A2 ones at 10 ins to 1 mile (£55 each) can now be produced which can show more detail. It may now also be possible (sources permitting) to produce farm or property centred maps for elsewhere in England and Wales.


Maps are also produced for books and articles etc.
My Gazetteer of Herefordshire is also available to view on this website. 
Section from an A3 decorative oval.
 Section from an A1 research map.